Thank You!

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Thank you everyone! The blog just reached 20 followers today! I know this isn’t a huge number but to me it’s phenomenal. Over the past year this blog has grown a lot. Not only has the blog reached 20 followers but Twitter has 40 so thank you to all those followers also. I can’t wait to see where this blog goes but for now don’t expect me to go anywhere soon :). Like I said thank you and continue to be awesome!


Junk Jack X- 2.1

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Hello readers! So this update actually came out a while ago but I was just able to get enough money to purchase the game. I have to say that since JJX came out it has been amazing. There have been a couple of updates but both of them have been huge. The first one was 2.0.5 and was a thanksgiving update. It was also a furniture update so it added a whole new way to make furniture. It goes in layers and with all the different combinations it turns out that you can make thousands of different furniture sets. 2.1 was the Christmas update which was also very large. This update also added fireworks. These fireworks work the same as furniture in that there are thousands of possibilities. Both of these updates added new recipes for you to discover. I don’t want to give away too much information so if you think that this game sounds fun check it out on the Apple store. I am very excited to see what else Pixbits has in store for this game. Thank you for reading. If you want to learn more about this game go to my Junk Jack X review. If you guys have any suggestions for me for games to play leave them in the comments. You guys are awesome!

Hello readers! I told you I would start doing some more posts and here I am! So today I want to tell you about this game that I found on steam a while ago. It’s called ArcheBlades and it is a MOBA (Multiplyer Online Battle Arena) game. I found it about three months ago and have watched it grow with new characters, maps and more but first lets start with the basics. The reason I enjoy this game is that it’s a fighter that you can get into really easily. There are combos that you can learn but in the beginning it’s quite nice to just jump right in and just fight some online players in a fight to the death. There are many elements that make this game just fun to play. First off are all the different game types that are available. All the game modes have different maps and all the maps have different amounts of people. The different modes include 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, Free for all, and 7v7 battles. All of these are quite fun and can accommodate any move you feel like playing. If you want to face your friend or match your skills against 1 player do 1v1, or if you would rather work with a team to capture bases to slowly accumulate points towards a win try the 7v7, or if you just want to have a giant battle royal go for the Free for all against 7 other people. Another nice thing is that the game makes it very easy to find the servers you are looking for by including many options to help narrow down your search for the perfect server. The next thing I’ll talk about are the characters. At first the characters were on a weekly basis and would rotate through. If you found a character you really enjoyed you could purchase the character with money. Now the way to get characters is to purchase them with in game money which can be earned through playing games. This is similar to IP in League of Legends. Meceta the in game currency can be purchased with money also if you wish to get a character faster. Meceta is not all that difficult to earn so getting characters isn’t too difficult. I guess that just leaves the characters to talk about. Every character is unique and there is once for every character. For instance if you would rather stay behind your team and shoot from a far you might want to try a personal favorite of mine, Renoah the Sniper. There are also melee people and mage like people that you can play as. Another unique thing that I like is that each of these characters have special abilities that they can use as you gain RP through killing enemies, taking damage, and picking up items that increase RP. Well I can’t explain too much of the game because it’s a game which is where you learn from experience. I would recommend checking this game out on Steam because it is quite fun to play. Leave me a comment and tell me what game to review next and push that subscribe button to see all future posts. As always thanks for reading and stay awesome!

Come One, Come All

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Hi guys! so It’s been a while since I’ve done really anything on the blog and I think it’s time for a quick little blurb on what’s been going on in my personal life and where I want to go with the blog. So first on the personal life. If any of you follow me on Twitter (which I recommend since I post updates there some times.—->ย @Indie_It_Up) then you will have seen that I keep posting about being super busy all the time. Well that is finally about to change! I will still be somewhat busy but I should be able to put a lot more time into the blog. Basically what’s been happening is that I was involved in way too many activities. I was in Marching Band, All-State ( an honor choir of sorts), Cross Country, the Fall Play, and on top of all that just normal schoolwork which kept me busy. Now all I’m in is the Musical at my school and that’s about it. Also expect a lot of posts over the next couple of weeks because I’m going on Christmas break which will give me a lot of time. Next up is where I want this blog to go. I would love it if I had some more interaction with you guys, my readers. I feel like I almost exclusively pick the games I want to review and sometimes it gets hard to come up with games to blog about and that’s basically why I have about three or four main games I blog about. What I ask is that anytime you think of a cool indie game that you played or even made tell me about it! Without you guys this blog would be nothing more than me just posting my reviews to empty space and for that I thank you. You guys are awesome and I can’t wait to start posting some more stuff. Be ready for some awesome post because I have a few in mind for break right now but don’t forget to comment with your ideas. Stay Awesome!

Thomas Was Alone

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Hey guys! So its been forever since I’ve posted anything and I want to start getting back into the swing of things but I have some good news before the post. I can now play any PC indie game you want me too! If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them please now onto the review.
The game that I want to review is a puzzle jumper called Tomas Was Alone. I came across this game after I got the Pewdiepie Humble Bundle a couple of months ago and I can’t seem to shake how amazing this game was. Everything in it just seemed to flow together so naturally that I never wanted to stop playing it. I think what brought it together most was: 1.The Narrator, Although I have not had a chance to play The Stanley Parable which is a game I want to try I think that both narrators are very similar in their humor. A narrator can make or break the game especially if the main character does not talk which would majorly affect the game. The next great thing was 2. The Music, The music in the game was fantastic! I believe that indie games make beautiful music almost all the time and this game was no exception. What made me fall in love the most was just the way the music flowed while you were playing so that you were sucked into the world of Thomas. The final thing was 3. The Characters, What would a game be without good characters? Thomas has characters that are perfect and the greatest thing about them is that they aren’t fancy or highly polished works of art. THEY. ARE. GEOMETRIC. SHAPES! Tomas just shows the what indie games are able to do when they buckle down and come up with something amazing. Because of these three things Thomas was a fantastic game to play through but sadly Thomas falls under the category of one and done. There is little replayability value unless you want to get all the hidden squares but after you find all those there is nothing much left to do. Tomas is one of the games where I wish I would get amnesia so that I could play again with a fresh start. Basically all I am trying to say is that Thomas Was Alone is a great game! I would recommend getting it and playing it with gusto but not too much because once you really get into the game it seems to go away much too quickly. Thanks again for reading and spread the word to come check out my blog it means a lot guys. Thank you and Stay Awesome!!

Hello Readers! After a long break I have finally returned and am back to writing posts and I don’t think I could have chosen a better time to do so. With Terraria and Junk Jack X being released during the same week I don’t think a indie game blogger could ask for anything sweeter.

Todays blog post is going to be about Junk Jack X. (Don’t worry I will do Terraria in a later one.) So I guess the first thing to say is that this game is absolutely fantastic. If you have been following my blog for awhile you might have seen that I wrote a lot about the original Junk Jack and also about many of the announcements leading up to Junk Jack X, but now its finally time to do an actual review and I am super excited. This game is absolutely stunning and amazing and I was even honored with the privilege of beta testing the game for bugs so I got some early looks at the game. Now hopefully most of you have already gone out and gotten this game but incase you haven’t let me list off a few features that will make you want to go and get it immediately. First and foremost is the multiplayer. Currently there is only gamecenter which allows two and bluetooth/local wifi which allows for four people. Although this may seem limited I think it is a good starting point. This allows you to experience everything the other person is because if they go off on their own it would be like single player again. I do have to say that as a precaution never take anything super valuable into a world. There have already been reports of scammers who take you up a tower then kill you by mining the block under your feet. Sadly this was to be expected somewhat from multiplayer and since it is through Game Center pixbits can do nothing about it so don’t put a 1 star review just because somebody stole all your stuff. There a whole bunch of other things that came in the game like new mobs, alien planets, liquids, and much more but I don’t want to spoil it all. I know this post seems really short but its because I know that I could type for hours on how amazing the game is and spill all the secrets there are to discover so all that I’m going to do now is give you this here link: Junk Jack which will go to its apple page and I strongly encourage you to buy it. So thats all that I have for today. If you want a little more in depth cover of the new features check out this post: Here

As always thanks for reading and staying with me. It means so much to me and I love logging on everyday and seeing that I have some new views ๐Ÿ˜€ Stay Awesome Readers!

Edit: I just realized that I forgot completely about one awesome person. The maker of all the music that you hear in the background while mining and what not was made by Bright Primate. He also made all of the music for the original Junk Jack. He is amazingly talented and certainly deserves a big thank you for all the hard work he has done on the games music! ๐Ÿ˜€

Hello readers! So today I thought that today I would do the new MCPE update which just came out. Now this update was pretty amazing so lets dive into some of the features that are in it. Okay so the first major feature is the introduction of Realms. This feature will soon allow players to host their own server for a monthly fee but the server will always be online which is amazing. As of right now Realms is still in beta so only a few people were able to get a server but after all the bugs and such are fixed and patched Mojang will release realms to the public. The next big feature which finally came for everyone was buckets. These allow you to pick up and place water and lava. In creative mode an empty bucket a lava filled bucket and a water filled bucket are available for use. The next big thing was the re-implementation of fire. Due to a bug which would cause your entire world to burn if any fire touched something flammable fire was taken out of the game. However that bug has now been fixed and fire is back. Something which the devs added with fire is that if you burn an animal to death it will drop cooked meat now instead of raw meat. The next feature that was added was experimental smooth lighting. It is in the options menu and you are able to turn it on and off incase there are problems with it for your device. Another feature which came as a surprise to me was the implementation of spawn eggs in creative. As of right now the only pets you are able to have are the four neutral mobs in Pocket Edition but I have a feeling aggressive mobs may soon follow. One more multiplayer addition which was added is chat for the server so now you are able to talk to your friends while you play with them. The next feature which was added was something that I think should have been added a long time ago but just now came out. This is the addition that a player which connects to your server now keeps their inventory if they connect again. This is a valuable addition to the game so that now the connecting player doesn’t have to put all their items into a chest. ย The next thing that was added was more food which includes, eggs, milk, and cakes. Eggs are dropped from chickens periodically and milk is obtained with a bucket and holding down on a cow. The last thing that got added was the addition of new menus to the start screen which are very different but I think they look really nice. That is all for new features however 0.7.0 introduced some bad bugs which were fixed and made into version 0.7.1. Thank you for reading my post it always is nice to come on and see that I had some viewers. Once again thank you and as always stay awesome!